Cold modification procedure


Cold recycling represents the process which repairs the roads or makes new ones in a very economic way.


The base of the process is the use of already existing road construction layers by adding the necessary agences to it to make a high quality layer that can be stabilized to its necessary thicknes of up to 20cm.


Recycling machine WR 4200


- remodels already present materials into the lane constructionwith the quality layer of 20cm

- daily effect is >5000 m²/day

- working width adjustable from 2,2m to 4,2m


Up untill now 645.44t,00m of road has been recycled this way by us.


Beside the recycling machine WR 4200, as a very powerfull machine which can recycle layers of up to20cm in just one pass, we also have CR 2500 with working width of 2,2m.


Both machines can use lime, cement, bitumen emulsion, bitumen (asphalt), frothy bitumen or the combination of these binding materials. All these can be found in the supporting equipment WM 1000 with capacity that allows continious recycling during the day.






We also have the whole set of rollers for compacting the remixed and recycled material untill you get the necessary compactnes of the layer.

roling   hd75




As both of thease technologies need constant checking and someone to take care of quality, besides the usual equipment, we have organised research laboratories which have suitable lab units and equipment for controlling the finished layer.