Hot procedure of the tarmac layer modification



- Working width to 4,5m

- maximum depth 6cm

- thikness of new layer 3cm

- rate 2-6 m/min




All damages on the tarmac layer can be fixed by the remix and following can also be done:


topla reciklaza  

- correction of the granulometric mixture

- correction of type and quality of the bitumen (asphalt)

- very good working layers are provided


While the machine is working in one lane, the rest of lanes are open to traffic.


  topli postupak


Up untill now 1.412.075,00m of road has been recycled this way by us.


We also have the whole set of rollers for compacting the remixed and recycled material untill you get the necessary compactnes of the layer.

roling   hd75




As both of thease technologies need constant checking and someone to take care of quality, besides the usual equipment, we have organised research laboratories which have suitable lab units and equipment for controlling the finished layer.